Book Your Next MOT With Your Local BMW Specialists

Your BMW deserves specialised attention, and that's precisely what we offer here at Autobahn Servicing. As your dedicated local BMW specialists, we tailor our MOT services to meet the unique requirements of your BMW vehicle. With our extensive knowledge of BMWs and a commitment to upholding only the highest standards, Autobahn ensures your MOT is conducted with precision and care. Book your BMW MOT test with Autobahn Servicing today and experience the difference local expertise makes.


A Cost-effective Alternative To Main Dealers

At Autobahn Servicing, we believe that you should be able to keep your BMW roadworthy without breaking the bank. Unlike main dealerships, we offer cost-effective alternatives for routine maintenance, repairs, and check-ups. Our dedication to providing value for our customers means you can potentially save on costs while ensuring your BMW receives top-of-the-line MOT services.

At Autobahn, we want you to feel at ease leaving your car with us. We only use original equipment (OE) or comparable parts, the most modern maintenance techniques, and cutting-edge technology to deliver a service of the highest calibre.

A BMW Car following an Autobahn Servicing BMW MOT test
A BMW car following a BMW MOT test with Autobahn Servicing

Comprehensive BMW MOT Tests For Greater Peace Of Mind

When it comes to MOT services, we go the extra mile. Autobahn provides comprehensive testing to assess the condition of all vital parts and components, keeping your BMW in the best possible condition on the road. With our specialised BMW equipment and a team of skilled technicians boasting over two decades of experience, you can trust Autobahn to deliver excellence in every aspect of your BMW's automotive care. Don't settle for partial assessments elsewhere—choose Autobahn for thorough, peace-of-mind MOT services.

Why Do I Need A BMW MOT Test?

Regular MOT checks are essential for keeping your vehicle safe and roadworthy, ensuring that it meets the necessary standards set by the Road Traffic Act 1988. Without a valid MOT certificate, you risk not only your own safety but also that of other road users. At Autobahn Servicing, our skilled technicians, with over 20 years of experience, guarantee thorough, specialised MOT services for BMW models. By choosing us, you not only ensure compliance with legal requirements but also benefit from cost-effective solutions compared to dealership services.

Don't compromise on quality—book your BMW MOT test with us today via 01215859146 or email us at

Autobahn’s BMW MOT Checks: What’s Included?

  • Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Exhaust System plus emissions
  • Horn
  • Brakes
  • Tyres, Wheels and TPMs
  • Lights
  • Electric Wiring
  • Battery
  • Windscreen
  • Wipers & Washers
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Seatbelts
  • Fuel System
  • Body Structure
  • Seats
  • Towbar (if applicable)
  • Warning Lights
A BMW car in a garage following a BMW MOT test with Autobahn

As your local Birmingham, Halesowen BMW MOT service specialists - with our specialised BMW equipment - you can rest assure knowing your vehicle is in safe hands.