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Your electric and hybrid needs a service based on mileage or after a period of time, for example every 10,000 miles, or every 12 months.

Electric and hybrid car servicing is essential to ensure the continued performance and longevity of your electric vehicle. There are key aspects of electric and hybrid car servicing that must be adhered to when servicing an electric vehicle.  

Hybrid battery health check

The hybrid battery health service at Autobahn covers an array of checks, these include a charge inspection, cell voltage check, battery temperature analysis, and battery capacity test. 

Brake Inspection

The majority of hybrid and electric cars are presented with a regenerative braking system, this system helps recharge the battery during deceleration and must be checked to ensure its working correctly. Brake fluid replacement is also recommended by the manufacturer to maintain braking performance. 

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Electric Motor and Inverter Inspection

Motor performance checks must be completed to evaluate the electric motor's performance, including power output and efficiency. Inverters, which control the flow of electricity between the battery and motor must also be functioning correctly to ensure the reliability of your vehicle.  

Tyre Maintenance

As with all vehicles, tyre maintenance is essential during a service, tyre rotation, and tyre pressure has to be maintained for optimal efficiency, handling and to extend the life of your tyres. Meeting optimal performance.  

Cooling System

The cooling components within an electric vehicle should not overheat. Ensuring the radiator is kept clean and the coolant levels within the hybrid system are kept to the correct level will keep your hybrid vehicle running smoothly. Autobahn servicing will check all coolant systems as standard with every hybrid service. 

Software Updates

Software plays a vital role in all electric vehicles, over time software has to be updated to improve performance so you are getting the most from your modelPerformance issues such as brake lights internal entertainment system, heated seats, the battery and management system are all controlled by software. Software updates will notify the user of any safety or performance issues and keep the vehicle running as it should be!  

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Hybrid Servicing at Autobahn

It's advisable to have electric and hybrid car servicing performed by certified technicians with experience in working on these types of vehicles. Car manufacturers have specific recommendations for electric and hybrid services, depending on the model. Autobahn servicing, your hydrid independent specialists have the knowledge and understanding of what is essential for each individual model.  


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Here to help make savings on electric and hybrid Main Dealer Costs