Front Brake Disc & Pad
Replacement Service

Brake Replacement Service

Over time, brake discs and pads wear down with use, this reduces stopping power and if ignored can risk damage to other brake components. Regular checks and timely replacements ensure optimal braking performance, keeping your vehicle in top condition from any risks. Brake replacements involve removing worn sections, inspecting rotors for wear or damage, and installing new parts where needed. Proper installation is crucial to maintain vehicle safety.

When it's time for brake replacement, safety is paramount.  All brake discs and pad replacements at Autobahn Servicing are carried out by expertly trained and approved technicians.

Our front brake pad replacement service includes:-

  • Front wheels are removed
  • Brake pads are removed and discs checked
  • Brake pad wear warning light cable are inspected carefully
  • Brake hose and other parts of the brake system are inspected carefully
  • New Front brakes are installed to manufacturers specification
  • New brake pads are installed to manufacturers specification
  • Brake effectiveness is then inspected and re-tested
  • Front Wheels are refitted to vehicle
  • Braking effectiveness is re-inspected and safety checks
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Autobahn Servicing specialises in BMW, Mercedes and Mini and are here to help make savings on main dealer costs. We are an independent specialist that has over 20 years of experience in the trade. We offer friendly service and advice and don't carry out any work until this has been agreed with you. All parts used are genuine parts offering the latest diagnostic and technology.


For more information or if you would like to contact Autobahn for your Brake Replacement and Servicing get in touch today.

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